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Monday, February 4, 2008

Education-Related Freelance Leads for Monday, February 4, 2008

Writer/Editor of Phonics Lessons and Assessments
History Textbook Writer
Freelance - ESL/ELL Editor and Writer
Freelance - Reading and Language Arts Editor and Writer
Freelance - Social Studies Editor and Writer
Freelance Science Editor
Freelance Science Writer

Take a few minutes to get to know Quarasan. They are currently in need of freelance writers and editors. Most of the above list is for them.

AND Shakespeare Squared is looking for freelance content writers. Go to the main page and click on Careers. You need to scroll down a little for the freelance contact info.

Good luck!


Pieces of Me said...

Thanks for the leads!

Just a bried heads-up about Shakespeare Squared
Back last May, I did a freelance writing and editor test for Shakespeare Squared. After sending my test, I waited for a month. Not hearing anything, I followed -up with an email, waited a few weeks and sent another one. All in all, I have sent three emails and I have never heard back from them with regard to the status of my application. After putting in hours worth of what I considered hard work, I still have not heard back from them. They were very reliable and professional in the beginning; the silent treatment however was in bad taste and completely unprofessional.

Laura Coulter said...

Thanks for the heads up. I wonder if any others have had similar experiences with Shakespeare Squared.

Anonymous said...

I've worked for Shakespeare Squared off and on for a couple of years. Have found that they do make contact when a suitable project comes along, but often with little notice--so I have to decline. A shame, because I really do like that company.

Mary Ellen said...

Hi Laura -
I just found your site from freelancewritinggigs. I'm a science teacher and looking for education jobs. This is perfect. Thanks!

Laura Coulter said...

Mary Ellen,

Welcome. Email me for a science editor contact if you're interested in Mazer.

S2 Victim said...

Shakespeare Squared is still not paying their contracted freelancers: