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Friday, October 31, 2014

Neat job with Discovery

Somebody will love this one.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Freelance item writers needed: college-level INTRO PSYCHOLOGY

Description: An established publisher of college-level science textbooks and supplements, we are developing formative- and summative-quiz items to accompany our new intro-psychology textbook. We’re looking for a few skilled freelance item writers from the field of psychology to work on a work-for-hire basis. Writers will have access to the forthcoming edition of our textbook and will be asked to create 40 multiple-choice items per chapter to parallel the text. (Approximately half of these items will be at Bloom’s levels 3-5.)

Please respond with a current résumé and original multiple-choice items for college-level psychology. It is particularly important that samples include items requiring the application of learned concepts and the analysis of new information.

We look forward to hearing from some of you seasoned item writers!

Required: Proven talent for writing and/or editing college-level psychology items. Degree in psychology or related discipline is preferred, but not required.
Timeline: Starting immediately and likely to continue through January
Location: Remote

Interesting awards opportunity

This might pertain to many of you. Michele

E-learning specialist

Might be of interest. Michele