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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Some advice

I just came across this article and thought it would be useful as a guide.

The reason I found it is because I posted a question about what I can ask a potential client with regards to a specific project. I had a very STRANGE encounter with potential client today and so when I read this list of questions...I was glad that I had asked #8 under Project-Specific Questions.

I did not get a proper fact, the potential client sent the entire exchange thread back to me...but neglected to delete a comment he'd made to his supervisor...OUCH. If you want to know which company this is, I am happy to share offline (I had already been warned, so this might be a blessing).

Anyway, you can perhaps work these questions into our writing world. I think they are relevant.

Best and happy new year,

Great opportunity with EDC in MA

Wish I lived close by for this one. Michele

Monday, December 22, 2014


Some pre-holiday possibilities. And...of course, wishing you the best for the holidays.
2014 update:

Curriculum Designer: Science

Curriculum Contractor: Math

Curriculum Contractor: ELA

History Curriculum Writer

Humanities Curriculum Writer

Six Red Marbles - Great Editors Needed Immediately

We are looking for large pool experienced freelance editors to work on an extraordinary project.

The project involves editing an innovative interdisciplinary K-12 curriculum for a private school planning to sell their curriculum and approach as a package that includes PD, on-site mentoring, and so on to some international schools. The content will be edited, reviewed, and revised within SRM's Content Management System, but will be delivered to end-users as a series of teacher-facing documents explaining how to structure specific learning experiences. As this is a private school, alignment to standards or high-stakes tests is not involved.

Experienced Editors in the following disciplines are need for full and part-time (at least 15 hours per week) work starting immediately.

HS Cultural History Editors
HS Media Studies and Technology Editors
G4-G8 Performing Arts (Music and/or Theater) Editors
G4 Theatre
G4-G8 Visual Arts Editor
Location: Remote
Rate: $ 30-40 per hour
Contact Name: suzanne steen
Contact Company: Six Red Marbles
Contact Website:
Contact Method: -by email

Friday, December 19, 2014

Freelance K-8 writers

Details: We are looking for freelance writers to contribute to the Lesson Ideas section that appears in each issue of Scholastic Instructor magazine. An editor will assign a topic and grade band. The writer will research activities on teacher blogs, social media, from educator contacts, etc. to find five or six activities that would work well in the section. (We look for creativity and innovation in lessons, as opposed to old standbys.) The writer will then contact the teachers for additional information and summarize the activities, including standards alignment, materials needed, and procedure. Each section typically includes five or six activities plus a sidebar totaling 1200 words. Assignments are work for hire and are usually due in about two to three weeks. See example sections here: Grades K-1 multicultural art projects and Grades 4-5 vocabulary games

To apply: Please send the following information to as soon as possible. 
  • Resume
  • Clips of similar work 
  • Writing sample: Research and write one sample activity following the example sections above. The activity must be no longer than 200 words (including standard, materials, and procedure) and should be on the topic of Grades 2-3 Earth Day. 
  • Indicate which grade levels you are comfortable writing about: Grades K-1, 2-3, 4-5, and/or 6-8.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Interesting opps

Consulting Curriculum Writer

Head Literacy Curriculum Developer

Instructional Designer, Online Learning

Friday, December 5, 2014

Health course writer

Work Type: Courseware Writer for Online Health Care Courses Description:
We are looking for a health care subject matter expect to work as a courseware writer. You will need experience with writing scripts or storyboards as this is a large component of the project.

Source materials will be provided (at minimum a textbook available as an ebook, and potentially a testbank or other supplemental resources) that can be referenced. Templates and training will be provided before the start.

You will have 4 weeks to complete the course work with intermediary deadlines to meet. We are estimating that it should take 80-85 hours to complete each course.
Location: Remote Rate: $ 4,139.00 per course Contact Name: Allison Murray Contact Company: iD8-Triple SSS Media Development Contact Website: > Contact Method: -by email Email:

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Professional development writer/course developer

Interesting gig. Michele

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Two writing gigs

Work Type: K-12 Writers, Editors, and Copyeditors: Freelance Description:
Writers, Editors, and Copyeditors: Freelance virtual roles

We are looking for freelancers experienced in K-12 writing, editing, or copyediting in Science and STEM, ELA and ELD, Math, Social Studies, assessments and world languages. We are looking for people who can devote their time and talent to projects that have either started or will start in the near future. These freelancers should be well versed in Common Core state standards, fluent in decoding state standards in their subject areas, and unafraid of technology tools.

We seek freelancers with educational publishing experience who are available at least
15 hours to 40 hours per week.
The freelancers must be available for client launches and training meetings.
Please email a copy of your most recent resume and work samples that demonstrate clarity and content understanding for various grade levels. Also include the subject area and grade level you are most comfortable with in order of preference.
If you are applying for a copyediting position, you will be required to take a test.
We require references from at least two previous clients.

The specific skillsets include the following:
Content and pedagogy knowledge and writing skills for clear, concise, engaging content for complex concepts in the following disciplines:
o ELA and ELD expertise
o Math (K-12)
o High school physical sciences (Chemistry and Physics, with the ability to extend into middle school as needed)
o High school and middle school Earth science
o Elementary science generalist (emphasis on pedagogy: inquiry, etc.) with mid-
level experience (i.e., 5-10+ years)
Copyediting: fast and accurate copyediting encompassing grammar, spelling, and punctuation; experience working with style guides and Chicago Manual of Style;proficient working with Word and Adobe Acrobat (InCopy experience a plus).

Referrals of other outstanding freelancers in these fields are appreciated.

Any questions? If so, please feel free email me and we will connect back to you within 24 hours.

The Recruitment Team
Location: Remote Rate: $ 30-40 per hour Contact Name: suzanne steen Contact Company: Six Red Marbles Contact Website: <http:// Contact Method: -by email Email: s.

Work Type: Professional Writer Description:
Looking for professional writer who is knowledgeable/comfortable about manufacturing and manufacturing processes. Writer should be knowledgeable about how to write for education (this is a course); SME has provided outline for the course. Writer should be able to maintain a brisk schedule of delivery. Approximately 8 -9 week project.
Location: Remote Rate: $ 8060 per course Contact Name: David Yeager Contact Company: FYI Online Learning Contact Website:  Contact Method: -by email Email: