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Monday, March 30, 2009

Education-Related Leads for Mon, Mar 30, 2009

Hi! So sorry for the delay. I got swamped, went on vacation, and then came back to the swamp. Back now. Still somewhat swamped, but I need to get a rhythm going and, believe it or not, posting on here helps set that rhythm. Here we go, then.



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Monday, March 2, 2009

Algebra II Writers Needed

Educational publishing vendor needs experienced educational writer(s) for higher math workbook. The course is Algebra II. You must have experience in writing instruction and creating quality multiple-choice items for higher math.

Tasks: Writing and heavy to moderate editing of 2-page lessons.

Project Description: First page is about ½ half instruction, while the rest of the page is 1 to 2 multiple-choice questions. The second page is all multiple-choice questions. For the entire lesson, there are no more than 10 multiple-choice questions. The client has provided materials for pick up/editing. There are about 20 pages total of new writing and 60 pages that can be created using pick up with editing.

Schedule: Work can begin immediately. The schedule is super fast. Final delivery date is March 12, 2009 (interim deliveries should be made before this date). All lessons can be assigned to one writer or easily separated for multiple writers.

Payment: Lessons with new writing pay $40/lesson. Lessons that can be created using pick up and require editing pay $20/lesson.

  • Experience in creating grades 9-12 mathematics instruction and assessment
  • Ability to interpret educational standards and create content (experience in West Virginia math a plus)
  • Signing of a non-disclosure agreement
  • This is contract, work-for-hire
Send your resume and if available, existing samples (no more than 2 documents) related to this type of writing/editing. Resumes and samples should be sent to