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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Quizbowl Question Writers

Avery Enterprises is looking for elementary and/or middle-school teachers (past or present) to write quizbowl questions for students at those levels.

Please e-mail a brief resume listing your general teaching experience at those levels (and quizbowl experience, if any) to by December 3.

Those who make the first cut will receive some sample questions and be asked to write 3 in a similar vein. Based on that, we will probably hire 2-4 people. Once you get up to speed, you should be able to make $18-20 per hour and work 6-15 hours per month most months of the year (so it's not a full-time gig).

For more info about what we do, visit our website

Happy Writing and Happy Thanksgiving too

After a long day and checking several sites, I apologize for very little in the lead department today.
  • Several leads were dated yesterday or Monday... so with further ado here is all I got for ya.....
Happy Thanksgiving....I am grateful to part of those who love to write and those who want to write for a living.
Have a wonderful holiday and look for better leads after turkey day.
Blessings to all

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I am one of the guest bloggers invited here to list current needs for freelance writers, especially in the education arena. I will try to find interesting and current leads for those interested.

I write health related educational material for a couple of publishers myself, and although I began with Craig's List, it can be difficult and time consuming to search for writing gigs especially those that offer a decent rate for your time.

Future postings will attempt to assist you in your search. Feel free to comment or offer suggestions to make the challenge easier for others. There is a definite need out there for talented writers, it is just a matter of making the right connections at the right time.

• FREELANCE PROOFREADER<>A world renowned children's publishing company in the heart of NYC is currently seeking bi-lingual Spanish proofreaders to assist on project for its educational department

• FREELANCE TECHNICAL WRITERS<>Education technology services firm seeks 2-3 freelance writers to assist with responding to requests for proposals (RFPs) for decision support and data warehouse projects for state departments of education and large school districts

FREELANCE WRITERS<>Editorial company providing services to major educational publishers immediately seeks exceptional writers and editors with Math, Science,ELA, and Social Studies assessment experience to join our freelance team.

Teacherwriters is hiring writers. This position is open immediately. Terrific part time income for teachers writing lesson plans, articles of all kinds, and books. We have worldwide corporate and educational clients. Teacher education, certification, or experience required. 12-32 hours per week based on your availability. All work is performed via Internet via our project board. This is a permanent position. There is no charge to apply for a job or work with us. You can get all information and apply online at

Here is a start. Good luck.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Coming Up

Hello all! I am excited to say that I have some folks who are ready to post on this blog regularly for you and for me for a few months. Look for their posts and introductions this week.

I've prepared a post for tomorrow morning and it's got quite a bit in it. Remember that as we get into the swing of posting every day, the leads will be short and sometimes nonexistent.

You've all been so supportive and helpful through the life of this blog that I am sure you will help the new posters tweak things until we've got it where it helps us all.


Education-Related Leads for Monday, Nov 16, 2009


In a Google search, I found that it was McHugh and Associates and that I've posted for them before. The contact name is different, but I'm sure for enterprising freelancers, that won't be a problem. :-)



Good luck!