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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Course writers for health course

 This seems interesting...though I suspect again more work than pay...but info below. Michele

Seeking Course Writers-Allied Health Prog. Project  Description:
I am sourcing for experienced online course writers (CWs) for our Allied Health Programs project, which will run from Friday, February 1, 2013 to Monday, June 10, 2013. Our project manager will need full-time availability (i.e., 3 days per course)

I will need ten (10) CWs to create storyboards and develop content for the following five (5) courses. FYI, there will be two (2) course writers assigned for each of the five course listed below.

1. Medical Billing
2. Medical Coding
3. Medical Terminology
4. Medical Transcription Theory and Practicum
5. Medical Office Management

Our deliverables are Storyboards at a Lesson Level for a leading higher education publisher and a long-standing client of LearningMate.

SCOPE OF WORK includes:
-Writing the Storyboard based on the plan shared by LearningMate for each topic within a lesson keeping in mind the course objectives, lesson objectives, content coverage scope, assessment strategy and expected outcomes.
-Writing original content. No paraphrasing from the source reference inputs provided / identified by the Subject Matter Expert or client. Any research content / material will also need to be rewritten.
-Creating appropriate Knowledge Check questions with enhanced feedback basis the strategy suggested in the plan.
-Providing detailed visual/interactivity descriptions for each content screen
-Providing an audio script for each content screen in a defined format laid down in the storyboard template.
-Implementing review changes after the review by LearningMate and by the client. (Please expect at least 2 rounds of reviewed changes.)
-Conducting research to find appropriate context matter where applicable.
-Developing assessments items on the basis of the assessment strategy detailed by the LearningMate.
-Attending training/feedback/review calls with the LearningMate project team.

Average of 19 lessons per course.
Average of 5 topics per lesson.
5 screens per topic.

(FYI, a lesson is expected to have 25 screens / pages and a course is expected to have around 475 screens (19 lessons x 25 screens).

If you are an experienced freelancer within the role of online course writer in this specific area of allied health programs, please email your resume only as either a Word document or as a PDF to

Thank you for your consideration.  Location: NC Rate: $ 7500.00 per course dependent upon the course size  Contact Name: Karen A. Livecchia, Talent Sourcing Manager Contact Company: LearningMate, Inc. Contact Website: Contact Method: -by email Email:


Reference writers

 This looks neat...though I am sure the fee is way lower than the amount of time required to research/write, but hey...Michele

Freelance writers needed for an ongoing reference series on social and environmental issues. Immediate need for writers on childhood/youth and immigration. The series also includes volumes on crime, education, nutrition, the environment, child abuse, mental health, animal rights, national security, and many others. This is subcontract work for a major publisher.

Writers with subject expertise preferred, though diversified generalists are welcome. These projects require serious professionals with experience in reference, academic, or professional writing for major publishers or research organizations. Please don't apply if you are trying to break into freelance writing or if your experience is in consumer magazines, light journalism, newsletters, Web content, corporate communications, or public relations.

How To Apply: Send a resume and writing sample to, with the subject line "Freelance Writer." Thanks so much!

Location: Remote
Rate: $ 6000 per project

Contact Name: Paula Kepos
Contact Company: Kepos Media
Contact Website: none
Contact Method: -by email

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Highlights Foundation training

I think this will interest many of you. Michele

 Chances are if you're an educator, you're as good a storyteller—and regularly on the lookout for captivating math-centric stories to share with your children.

 Why not expand your reach and write those stories yourself? Who is better qualified to bring math concepts to children through great storytelling than you?

 It might be easier than you think. Especially since you know which topics appeal to kids and which math standards they need to meet at their grade level.

  Two of America's finest authors of math literature are coming to the Highlights Foundation to lead our February 15-18 workshop ( and help you deftly weave math and literature together like a pro.

Award-winning children's authors MW Penn (  and Loreen Leedy ( will present Writing that Counts: Discovering the Story in Math, a unique hands-on workshop that will show you how to write engaging stories using math concepts in ways that your students can understand and apply.

 Penn, respected children's poet and author of 2 Lines: A Story of Two Lines (Connecticut Press Club Communication Award) has published more than a dozen books combining math and literature. She speaks on a variety of topics at the state and national levels of NCTM. Leedy is author and illustrator of more than forty books for children, including Seeing Symmetry.

 Added bonuses? Our cozy campus in the Pocono Mountains, a tour of Highlights, our chef's farm-fresh meals, a chance to meet writers and educators in an intimate setting.

 I hope to see you at Highlights Foundation on February 15. You can register for the workshop by visiting our website <> . Questions? E-mail Jo Lloyd at, or call toll-free (877) 512-8365 to request an application.

 Please share this letter with your colleagues. Better yet, attend together! See you for a fun-filled February weekend of stories that matter and writing that counts.

 Kent L. Brown Jr.
Executive Director

PS: To apply for one of our Teacher Grants, call Jo Lloyd at (877) 512-8365 today!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Seeking Vocabulary List Writing

Are you a tech-savvy secondary school English teacher (or former English teacher) who cares about teaching vocabulary? Then this job might be for you. We need teachers who know their grammar and know their words to create detailed and comprehensive vocabulary lists based on classic and contemporary works of literature. In addition, if you are currently teaching, you should be willing to test out an online vocabulary learning system with your students, based on the word lists you create.

If you are interested in this freelance position, please answer the following:
*What works of literature do you know in depth?
*What works of literature are you teaching this year, and what literature have you taught in the past?
*How do you (or did you) incorporate technology into your teaching?
*Are you interested in learning about new ways to teach vocabulary? If so, why?

Please respond to Georgia at if you are interested

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Friday, January 18, 2013

Freelance Math Digital Writers and Reviewers

DoubleO Publishing are seeking freelance individuals to work in various roles on a digital math project for Grades 3-5 The project is a series of storyboards for age-appropriate digital learning objects (DLOs) for Grades 3-5. Specifically we are looking for


Subject Matter Expert
Learning Designers (storyboard writers)
Learning Design Lead/Reviewers
Ideal candidates will have experience with developing digital storyboards in math and a teaching background in elementary math would also be beneficial. The rate is $30 per hour and ideally we are for full-time resources until the middle of May. There may be some flexibility on the rate depending on experience.

Please send your resume, indicating relevant experience and qualifications along with a cover letter that states which position you are interested in. Please include you availability from now until mid-May.

Contact Name: Peter O'Faherty
Contact Company: Double O Publishing Services
Contact Website:
Contact Method: -by email

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Educational assessment writing project

Freelance writers needed for short-term educational assessment writing project.

Project involves writing test questions for upper-level HS and early college Math courses.

Candidates must have:
- degree in Mathematics or related subject
- experience in K-12 testing or educational writing
- teaching experience at the HS or college level

Qualified candidates should send a resume and appropriate item writing samples. While this is a short-term project, future projects are likely for suitably qualified candidates.

Please send resume and item writing samples to

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


This might interest some of you. Michele
Work Type: Writer/Editor with GED/ CCSS experience

Description: Quarasan needs assessment writers and editors with GED and CCSS experience for a project to help prepare students for the writing demands of these type of tests. Our focus will be strictly on supporting students in learning how to answer the Extended Response items.

Location: Remote
Rate: $ 40.00 per Page

Contact Name: Dennis Light
Contact Company: Quarasan
Contact Website:
Contact Method: -by email

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Seeking Contract Curriculum Developer

SER Metro-Detroit is in the process of developing a Bridge program in the Advanced Manufacturing and Energy Efficiency/HVAC sectors. Bridge programs are defined as those that include the following key elements: contextualized instruction (basic reading, math, and language skills and industry/occupation knowledge); career development (career exploration and planning; understanding the world of work); and transition services (case management, financial and personal supports, tutoring). These programs have been proven successful in breaking down the obstacles that have long kept low-literacy adults from getting ahead economically. They are more effective than traditional adult education programs in quickly improving the basic skill levels of adults and assisting learners in transitioning to occupational training and employment along a career pathway.

SER is seeking the services of one or more contractors to develop two contextualized basic skills curricula by March 22nd, 2013. One curriculum will be taught in the context of careers in the manufacturing field and the other in the context of careers in the energy efficiency/HVAC field. Both should assist students in improving reading comprehension, writing and math skills while exposing them to concepts, practices and knowledge of the associated industry sector(s) in an integrated fashion. The ultimate goal of the curriculum is to prepare students to achieve the college entrance exam scores they need to place into occupational training programs; the contextualized basic skills training will “bridge” them into college.

Curriculum/professional development consultant

 Looks interesting. M

Friday, January 4, 2013

More gigs

Sorry...probably should have posted them all at once...but hey, Michele

Training Specialist – Electronic Learning 

Writer-Expeditionary Learning 

Fellow for Assessment  

Director of Curriculum and Publishing

Interesting gig, NYC-based...and full time...Michele

Core standards writer

 Hi all...interesting educational gig. Michele

Writer/editor for English Common Core series

BarCharts Publishing, Inc., is currently looking to contract a writer/editor for our English Language Common Core State Standards (CCSS) study guide series, which will be published in May 2013. The writer/editor selected for this project will review manuscripts based on BarCharts' English Fundamentals series and ensure the content conforms to the CCSS. This will require writing and revising content to conform to the CCSS.

The English CCSS series will include a study guide for students in each of the following grades: 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th. The study guides will be 3 panels (six 8.5x11 laminated pages, front and back) and approx. 7,000 words each.

The four English Fundamentals manuscripts will be ready for review in early February 2013 (if not before then). The writer/editor will then have 4 weeks to work on the manuscripts for the CCSS. The writer/editor will also review the page proofs after the CCSS manuscripts have been typeset.

Qualifications/Desired Experience
- Must demonstrate expert knowledge of English Language Common Core State Standards for grades 5-8
- Curriculum development experience preferred
- At least 3-5 years academic writing/editing experience

Application Instructions
- Please email a cover letter detailing your qualifications and include your resume as an attachment with your first and last name in the file name.
- No applications will be accepted after January 21, 2013.

About BarCharts Publishing, Inc.
BarCharts, Inc., is a premier publisher of quick-reference material (laminated study guides, flash cards, books, and posters). Our products are currently sold in over 14,000 retail locations, including almost every college and community college bookstore in the country, and are distributed in 18 other countries. The BarCharts mission is to synthesize information for all levels of students and consumers, providing easily accessible information in visually engaging formats, "fluff-free" to provide true quick reference. Please feel free to visit our website ( to learn more about us and see a complete title listing.

Location: Remote Rate: $ 500 to $1,000 per manuscript

Contact Name: Jennifer Zaczek Contact Company: BarCharts Publishing Inc.

Contact Website:

Contact Method: -by email Email:

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Canadian freelance writer with Catholic education writing experience

A colleague of mine is looking for the following:

Wanted: Talented Canadian -- with  Catholic education experience --  educational freelance writer interested in writing a Catholic planner for 2014-15. Marketing samples need to be started no later than Jan. 22. Here's the link to samples from previous years:

Contact Ruth Richardson:

Tell her you found the announcement on the Writing for Education Market blog, posted by me.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Content strategist

NYC-based...kind of interesting. Michele

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Education-Related Lead

Happy New Year!  This looks like a great opportunity if you live near one of the listed cities: