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Monday, January 28, 2013

Seeking Vocabulary List Writing

Are you a tech-savvy secondary school English teacher (or former English teacher) who cares about teaching vocabulary? Then this job might be for you. We need teachers who know their grammar and know their words to create detailed and comprehensive vocabulary lists based on classic and contemporary works of literature. In addition, if you are currently teaching, you should be willing to test out an online vocabulary learning system with your students, based on the word lists you create.

If you are interested in this freelance position, please answer the following:
*What works of literature do you know in depth?
*What works of literature are you teaching this year, and what literature have you taught in the past?
*How do you (or did you) incorporate technology into your teaching?
*Are you interested in learning about new ways to teach vocabulary? If so, why?

Please respond to Georgia at if you are interested

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