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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Course writers for health course

 This seems interesting...though I suspect again more work than pay...but info below. Michele

Seeking Course Writers-Allied Health Prog. Project  Description:
I am sourcing for experienced online course writers (CWs) for our Allied Health Programs project, which will run from Friday, February 1, 2013 to Monday, June 10, 2013. Our project manager will need full-time availability (i.e., 3 days per course)

I will need ten (10) CWs to create storyboards and develop content for the following five (5) courses. FYI, there will be two (2) course writers assigned for each of the five course listed below.

1. Medical Billing
2. Medical Coding
3. Medical Terminology
4. Medical Transcription Theory and Practicum
5. Medical Office Management

Our deliverables are Storyboards at a Lesson Level for a leading higher education publisher and a long-standing client of LearningMate.

SCOPE OF WORK includes:
-Writing the Storyboard based on the plan shared by LearningMate for each topic within a lesson keeping in mind the course objectives, lesson objectives, content coverage scope, assessment strategy and expected outcomes.
-Writing original content. No paraphrasing from the source reference inputs provided / identified by the Subject Matter Expert or client. Any research content / material will also need to be rewritten.
-Creating appropriate Knowledge Check questions with enhanced feedback basis the strategy suggested in the plan.
-Providing detailed visual/interactivity descriptions for each content screen
-Providing an audio script for each content screen in a defined format laid down in the storyboard template.
-Implementing review changes after the review by LearningMate and by the client. (Please expect at least 2 rounds of reviewed changes.)
-Conducting research to find appropriate context matter where applicable.
-Developing assessments items on the basis of the assessment strategy detailed by the LearningMate.
-Attending training/feedback/review calls with the LearningMate project team.

Average of 19 lessons per course.
Average of 5 topics per lesson.
5 screens per topic.

(FYI, a lesson is expected to have 25 screens / pages and a course is expected to have around 475 screens (19 lessons x 25 screens).

If you are an experienced freelancer within the role of online course writer in this specific area of allied health programs, please email your resume only as either a Word document or as a PDF to

Thank you for your consideration.  Location: NC Rate: $ 7500.00 per course dependent upon the course size  Contact Name: Karen A. Livecchia, Talent Sourcing Manager Contact Company: LearningMate, Inc. Contact Website: Contact Method: -by email Email:


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