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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Passage Researchers Needed

I need 3-6 passage searchers for a state project ; i.e., you  would locate public-domain reading passages online that could be used in  standardized HS reading tests.

Experience in passage searching and/or item writing preferred, but not required; some minor training/info provided.

Selected candidates will be given a short test (15-20 minutes) to ensure they can follow basic directions exactly. If you take longer than that to finish the test (or don't do it correctly), this job is not for you.

You must have time to finish half of the passages by Mother's Day and the other half by Memorial Day, so take that into account when applying. People with a current full-time job are unlikely to have the time needed.

Pay is $16 per passage; you will be an employee of Avery Enterprises for the duration, so FICA/SS taxes will be withheld and paid on your behalf. (You get a W-2 at the end of the year.)

Application deadline is Monday, April 21, 2014 at 11:59 pm wherever you live. Apply/e-mail resume to

Contract Opportunity for Educational Content Writer

Deadline to apply May 15, 2014
Imaginative/creative/ work independently/excellent writing skills/knowledge of k-7 Alberta Education curriculum/understanding of interests and abilities of children aged 4 – 12/passionate about water and other environmental issues.
WP Puppet Theatre Society is looking for a technical writer to finish the Study Guide that accompanies our puppet production ‘Pigs in a Canoe and Other Watery Stories’. This online document builds on the excitement generated by the show and provides further learning opportunities for the audiences of both schools and general public, to understand the issues and subjects mentioned in the production. There are interactive activities, links, graphics and background information. At a minimum we would like to add a bibliography as well as additional interactive content, make it mobile-phone friendly, test it with children, and edit the existing document.
Applications should not be more than 6 pages and include:
1)   Samples of past writing related to this project
2)   A brief proposal of how you would improve the current on line study guide found at
3)   Current resume
4)   Proposed budget summary for the contract, up to a maximum of $4,000
5)   Work to be completed by September 2014
6)   The puppet production can be seen on May 2nd and 1st week of June in Calgary.
Submit to: with the subject heading PIC Study Guide
Background information on WP Puppet Theatre –
Deadline for applications May 15, 2014 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Math Curriculum Writing Opportunity

I’m looking for curriculum writers for two separate projects, one in Grades 3-5 math, and the other in High School Algebra. Writers must have subject-matter expertise and experience writing online curriculum. Please email your resume to Amy Eward (

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sunday, March 9, 2014


This is quite interesting...a bit off topic, but totally applicable.I copy the message as I received it (I am not MIKE in the letter). Michele
Dear Mike:

Thanks forwarding this to other folks.

I'm looking for dynamic, progressive, experienced educators (with some noteworthy credentials) who could take on the role of principal for a month for our short-term intensive school.

The short blurb on 'Dream School':
DREAM SCHOOL is a 6-part one-hour inspirational docu-series for the Sundance Channel, in which 15 high school "dropouts" or "pushout" come together in a month-long intensive project-based school. The faculty are artists or 'celebrities.' Homeroom, classes, homework, projects and the students are all real, and unscripted.

I've begun speaking with dynamic, experienced educators who can take on the role of PRINCIPAL for the month of May. But I need more leads -- prefer people who've worked with a cross-section of challenged students, and who fully get progressive techniques. (note: this does not exactly necessitate a full-time commitment... prospective principals could continue working on their projects while in our principal's office - researching/writing/ developing their own curriculum, etc.)

Below are a couple of articles on the show, a link to the Sundance website and a link to a trailer from the first season:

The partnership from season 1:

Please note: this is a paid position.
Also, the principal from season one (who is the superintendent of a school district in CA) is thoroughly happy to talk with and share his experiences.

It might be worth noting: Before working in documentary and television, I interned with Teachers & Writers Collaborative, the Educational Video Center, and worked at the Center for Children & Tech (CCT), various settlement houses, GLSEN, Children's Pressline, Schomburg Academy in the Bronx, amongst  others - generally working on helping students to make their own 'zines and videos. I come to this project with a lot of experience and faith that creative educational interventions can make a huge difference. I'm something of a Freireian, and used to subscribe to Rethinking Schools.

Please get back to me right away with leads. The sooner we find the right candidate, the better the project will be.

Thanks much! Best,
Matt Lavine
Field Producer
Fresh One | Dream School
o: 646.738.2090 | m: 917.512.1433

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Omigosh...this is fact, I would welcome the opportunity to co-submit on this one, if anyone out there is interested. Contact me if you'd like to team up. Michele

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


LearningMate has a project that is underway for a prestigious higher education publisher, a long-time client of ours.  

The project overall is of a question-writing nature in connection with the client's online adaptive module, which students will use for self-testing and practice in addition to their classroom learning.  

There are several SME spots available in various subject matters:  financial accounting, managerial accounting, business management, organizational behavior, and psychology.

I've been asked by the Project Manager (or, PM) for this project to continue sourcing for SMEs who can work on a freelance basis (working remotely) under close supervision of a U.S.-based Project Team.

The SMEs will be able to create effective test-items (multiple-choice questions [or, MCQs]) in connection with our client’s foundational textbooks in these subject areas.  

Freelancer candidates must have current/recent teaching experience at the college-level and have strong question-writing skills including the ability to provide feedback/comments with regard to subject matter accuracy.

Freelancer candidates will have solid availability from 2/28/14 through 5/31/14 and must be willing commit to a minimum of 30 days at the start of the project work.   

Content will be batched on a regular basis according to the project schedule as set by the Project Manager.  

~  ~  ~ 
If you’re interested, please send along your CV/resume (as an attachment ONLY in either MSWord or PDF) to