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Saturday, June 27, 2015

New Website Update - 55 Writers Listed Already!

I'm really excited to see the list of writers. We're at 55 writers at then end of Day 1. Woo hoo! What was most exciting to me was to see the names of people I've talked to over the course of the blog. I have the email list, but it doesn't have names. The names are what helps me make the connections. It's good to see you guys. (Hey! Maybe I can figure out how to add pictures of ourselves...)

I'm still using the old blog to send you this update because I haven't transferred your email addresses over to the other one. That's next on my list.

The job board is up. I'll spend the next few days making contacts (in between going to sessions and learning stuff, of course) and see if we can't get some listed posted directly by companies. Wish me luck!



Suzanne Pitner said...

That's wonderful to see how many have signed up. Here's wishing you luck! (Although I don't think you need're amazingly capable and talented!)

Vijaya said...

The new design is going to be so useful for everybody. I don't come here often enough to thank you ladies, so I'm here now. THANK YOU.

Laura said...

@Suzanne, thanks! That was very kind of you. :)
@Vijaya, I hope it's going to be useful. I will take any and all suggestions for improvement. And you're welcome. :)