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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Social studies gig

Work Type: writer - middle school social studies education

We are looking for freelance writers to write standards-aligned social studies content for our new interactive digital workbooks. These workbooks are a combination of informational text in "small bites" and reinforcing activities. We have existing content from our print workbooks, but need to expand and in many cases rewrite the text. Our existing text as well as public online resources will be used.

This is an immediate opening, and we are looking for one or a couple of candidates who have time to work on this project for grades 6-8 now. Our current focus is Georgia History and World History. We will have ongoing assignments as we convert our elementary grades and additional states, but our immediate need is now though July 31. At this time we are only looking for candidates for the immediate projects, but if you are not available now but interested in future assignments, you may submit your resume/information but please put Future Work in the subject line of your email.

We will provide guidelines and samples to help you get started on the right track.
In general our style is:
-Clear, straight-forward sentences
-Writing with purpose to help students understand key concepts
-Good organization of information into small bites
-Activities that help reinforce key content and key concepts
-Writing and activities aligned very tightly with the standards

We may also be interested in contracting someone to work on the glossary/vocabulary aspect of the project. And we are interested in contracting someone to work on creating the answers to all of the activities for the project.

Our pay for this project is $.20/word. Parts of this text may be pulled from a pdf of our existing workbook, but our experience has shown that over-reliance on existing text is not successful. It is possible that the rate could be increased for future assignments on an individual basis based on the work quality and amount of editing required. We would initially assign a small section of the project to make sure the job is a good fit.

We are based in Peachtree City, Georgia, and location near us would be a great benefit, but is not required. We have been in business 35 years, and the series this work is for is currently known as The Georgia Experience.

Thank you for your interest.

Location: Remote
Rate: $ 0.20 per word
Contact Name: Michele Yother
Contact Company: Gallopade
Contact Website: and
Contact Method: -by email

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Eight Weeks of CCSS Math Item Writing at Progress Testing

* Must be able to dedicate the next 8 weeks to writing high-quality Common Core items for us
* Must have experience writing New/Technology Enhanced items like Multiple Select and Ordering/Matching
* Must have experience writing Common Core items for all levels: elementary, middle, and high
* Must be able to produce AT LEAST 10 items per day
* Will be provided helpful samples and interactive guidance to aid the writing process
* Will receive $15 per accepted item
* Please reply to Peter Gray with your resume and samples. Qualified candidates will be put to work immediately.
* FYI-- Deadlines are firm as are daily quotas-- so please reply only if you can meet the project requirements!