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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Freelance K-8 Math Writers and Editors Needed

Element is looking for K-8 Math writers and editors. We prefer candidates with both middle school and elementary experience. They must have experience writing and editing for the education market. Candidates must be comfortable working in a publisher's content management system. Send a resume and cover letter to if interested. Only those who fit our project needs will receive a response at this time.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Opportunity for Social Studies Content Specialists

The GED® Testing Service is seeking content experts in the academic area of Social Studies to participate in extended response rangefinding.

We are inviting experts in Social Studies Education to participate in the second of four rangefinding meetings. Reviewers may participate in up to four rangefinding meetings per year, and most meetings will last 3-5 days.
Rangefinding is a process through which content-area experts examine test-takers’ work to determine how well the responses fulfill the criteria of the scoring rubric. In this way, we are able to establish a range of responses that can be used to train the scorers of our extended response (essay-type) items.
• Content experts will be secondary-level teachers of Science or Social Studies, and/or graduate students in Secondary Education programs with a focus on one of these two content areas
• Qualified reviewers will have a bachelor’s degree or higher in their content area or related educational field.
• Recent classroom teaching experience and familiarity with Common Core State Standards or other career- and college-readiness content standards is strongly preferred.

Qualified individuals may apply to participate by submitting a resume and letter of interest to Bridget Olson, Social Studies Content Specialist. Email address:
Second GED Rangefinding Dates: Monday, November 12 – Friday, November 16, 2012
Travel Day: Sunday, November 11
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Reviewers will be paid at a rate of $400 per day. In addition, airfare, lodging, meals, and travel expenses will be covered. Upon confirmation of participation, we will provide meeting logistics and instructions for booking travel.
Important Background Information:
The movement toward more rigorous national standards for high school education and the changing national conversation on what is needed to be career-and college-ready has a direct impact on the GED® test. The GED® testing program is being reinvented in order to align with this new direction.
While national career- and college-readiness standards serve as the benchmarks for the GED® content frameworks, we have specifically identified assessment targets that are most relevant to and predictive of success in a variety of career and post-secondary pathways, especially considering the wide range of adult learners who comprise the GED® test-taking population. The Social Studies assessment must focus on core competencies that strongly predict career- and college- readiness. Additionally, the items aligned with the new GED® assessment targets must represent a full breadth of social studies content. They will be designed to measure a continuum of ability levels commensurate with those demonstrated by students exiting a traditional high school course of study as well as those entering post-secondary coursework or job training programs.

GED® Testing Service is an Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/V/D, and a member of E-Verify.

Tech educational gig

Hi all..this looked interesting, too. Michele

Looking for writers and/or copyeditors with technical/information technology experience.
Writer: Development of curriculum based on SME outline/references. Approximately 100-125,000 words per course.
Copy editor: Based on CMS style guide and internal guidelines for consistency in format.

Location: Remote
Rate: $ 1,500 per course for copyediting to $12,000 per course for writing

Contact Name: Dr. Marcy Ullom
Contact Company: FYI Online Learning
Contact Website:
Contact Method: -by email

Organic chemistry writing gig

 Hi all...this is from a colleague...have forwarded a portion of what she sent to me...please contact her directly (contact info follows the announcement). Thx. Michele

One of the major educational publishers has just come to me and requested that we bid on a small Org Chem project. They are authoring 30 new online questions for a chapter on Pericyclic Reactions.
The questions are either algorithmically-generated or interactive versions of the ones that appear in the textbook. The client would provide us with the textbook and the solutions manual; we need to do a content QA of the questions. That involves both verifying that all buttons work and links are correct within the question, and that the content is accurate (correct answers are accepted; incorrect answers are rejected).

Given the content, I need the person who reviews the online questions to be 100% comfortable with the material because we need to be looking for common errors and places where students can enter equivalent values but get marked wrong, and that can’t be done effectively by someone who is teaching or re-teaching him or herself the material.

The questions will be batched to us from late November through December. The work will likely pay between $7 and 10 per question, including checking 5 iterations of the algorithmic items. I will provide a brief training session with the reviewer so s/he is comfortable with the process and what to do/look for.

Jennifer Strazdins Executive Editor

250 Commercial Street, Suite 2002 Manchester, NH 03101

Main: 603.606.5800

Direct: 603.606.5805
Fax: 603.606.5838
NEW email:

Saturday, September 8, 2012

A new lead for freelance education writing

Freelance Work- Math K-12

Words & Numbers, a leading developer of educational content, is seeking freelance and part-time writers to help develop on-line lessons for a K-6 math program. The majority of assignments fall in grades K-12. Work is beginning now and will continue through May.

Tasks include, but are not limited to:

Content expertise in Mathematics K-12

The following qualifications are required:
--a degree in Mathematics, or a related field, or demonstrated ability to produce accurate content in one or more of these areas
--experience writing and/or editing content for high school, middle/elementary school, or college students and/or teachers
--knowledge of and/or experience with the use of interactive and multimedia content in education
--proficiency with and access to Microsoft Word and/or PowerPoint 2003/2004 or later

Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume highlighting relevant experience to Brian Huerta ( Writing samples for the target audience would also be welcomed, but are not required.