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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Organic chemistry writing gig

 Hi all...this is from a colleague...have forwarded a portion of what she sent to me...please contact her directly (contact info follows the announcement). Thx. Michele

One of the major educational publishers has just come to me and requested that we bid on a small Org Chem project. They are authoring 30 new online questions for a chapter on Pericyclic Reactions.
The questions are either algorithmically-generated or interactive versions of the ones that appear in the textbook. The client would provide us with the textbook and the solutions manual; we need to do a content QA of the questions. That involves both verifying that all buttons work and links are correct within the question, and that the content is accurate (correct answers are accepted; incorrect answers are rejected).

Given the content, I need the person who reviews the online questions to be 100% comfortable with the material because we need to be looking for common errors and places where students can enter equivalent values but get marked wrong, and that can’t be done effectively by someone who is teaching or re-teaching him or herself the material.

The questions will be batched to us from late November through December. The work will likely pay between $7 and 10 per question, including checking 5 iterations of the algorithmic items. I will provide a brief training session with the reviewer so s/he is comfortable with the process and what to do/look for.

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