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Friday, December 19, 2014

Freelance K-8 writers

Details: We are looking for freelance writers to contribute to the Lesson Ideas section that appears in each issue of Scholastic Instructor magazine. An editor will assign a topic and grade band. The writer will research activities on teacher blogs, social media, from educator contacts, etc. to find five or six activities that would work well in the section. (We look for creativity and innovation in lessons, as opposed to old standbys.) The writer will then contact the teachers for additional information and summarize the activities, including standards alignment, materials needed, and procedure. Each section typically includes five or six activities plus a sidebar totaling 1200 words. Assignments are work for hire and are usually due in about two to three weeks. See example sections here: Grades K-1 multicultural art projects and Grades 4-5 vocabulary games

To apply: Please send the following information to as soon as possible. 
  • Resume
  • Clips of similar work 
  • Writing sample: Research and write one sample activity following the example sections above. The activity must be no longer than 200 words (including standard, materials, and procedure) and should be on the topic of Grades 2-3 Earth Day. 
  • Indicate which grade levels you are comfortable writing about: Grades K-1, 2-3, 4-5, and/or 6-8.


Michele said... I a bit confused here? I don't quite understand what is supposed to be done here...and what activity they want written. Needs clarity...can someone explain?

Mandy said...

Click the link and look at their examples. You would be writing summaries of lessons that you find on social media or teachers' blogs.

So to apply, they want you to do a writing sample like the example. But it needs to be for grades 2-3 for Earth Day. And it has to follow the example's format and be less than 200 words.

Jennifer said...

Hello. I am very interested in this opportunity, but need a little bit more information. Can you explain work for hirer and what the pay is per article? Thank you very much!