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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Reader Asks: Is EFA Worth the Investment?

I have belonged to the Editorial Freelancers Assocation (EFA) for a year. In that time, there have been numerous educational writing/editing postings. I have applied to quite a few and gotten no nibbles. I find more work from this blog and the Get Curriculum Development Jobs site. It costs $145 a year to belong to EFA; I'm starting to think it's not worth it. Has anyone here ever gotten work from belonging to EFA and getting their job postings?

And do most people find their gigs here or by having an author/editor website?

Thanks for your responses,


Cecelia Munzenmaier said...

I get most of my work from editors with whom I have a relationship or referrals from other writers. However, I just recently got a project from a new client who found me through the EFA directory. While I can't say I've gotten many assignments from the Job List, the ones I have landed have been lucrative. In addition, members are a great source of advice. Recent topics on the discussion list have included how to set rates for web writing, whether using elance is a good idea, and how to exchange large files with clients. Veterans are usually willing to share their best practices, which is a key benefit of membership. They also have helpful ethical guidelines for freelancers.

Hope that helps,

Cecelia Munzenmaier

Anonymous said...

When I first joined last year, I made back my money many times over. The last few months have been pretty sparse. I was actually hired for three different jobs and they all fell through. I look at other sites as well, but things are tough all over.

I think, however that this is the fault of the economy. Everyone is hurting, even those with stellar resumes.

Sylvia A.

Anonymous said...

Deb --

I belonged to the EFA for almost 20 years and never got a job from it. (Admittedly, however, I did a lot of networking on my own.) For me, the main advantage of membership was the health insurance, with Mutual of Omaha. In 2005, however, M of O dropped those policies; and when EFA's replacement coverage did not extend beyond NYC Metro (by which time I'd moved to another part of the country), I did not renew my membership.

Like you, I work in educational publishing. It may be that the EFA postings are more effective in other kinds of publishing.

-- Diane

Anonymous said...

I have never gotten any reply on an EFA application, but the other perks might be worth it. For example, there is access to health insurance and discounts on services such as zip car. This is my first membership year and at this point, I probably won't rejoin. I still get most of my work the old-fashioned way - word of mouth from satisfied clients and lots and lots of e-mail follow up.

Audrey S

Anonymous said...

In answer to the question: I've never been a member of EFA. I've always found work either by networking or by following up leads from various sources. I don't have a website.