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Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Blog Features

Based on some reader feedback, I've added a couple of new features to this blog.

  1. The Google Custom Search bar at the top of this page searches within this blog only.
  2. There is a now a Discussion Board page (Link on the right sidebar, top)
    • You must be a member of the Google group writingfortheeducationmarket to post.
    • You do not have to be a member to read posts.
    • I tried to send an invitation to all my active subscribers but Google didn't like that, so maybe you got that invitation, maybe you didn't. I have no way of knowing until you start accepting the invitations or requesting to join. 
    • I am trying to keep out spammers so I have to clear anyone who wants to join.
    • This is a professional resource. Please make sure your posts maintain that professionalism. 
    • Yes, folks who hire might read the posts, hence the professionalism. 
Happy discussing!

UPDATE: I've managed to send out invitations to about 500 subscribers so far. Google is a little tired and told me to wait until later to add more. If you haven't received an invitation and you regularly receive emails from this blog, it's coming. Just gonna let poor li'l ole Google rest a little bit... 


T. Forehand said...

This should be helpful. I have been re-evaluating my projects and this will be a good source for finding professional advice. I have been doing so many jobs that I felt would be good for a resume but are all nonpaying. It is time for me to step up the pace and begin really working to increase my income. Any others out there with the same goal?

Laura said...

I just posted a question on the discussion board and received an error when I tried to see it on this blog. *sigh* Still working out the kinks. If anyone has meshed Google Groups and Blogger together before, I'd love to find out what you did to make it work.


Laura said...

Ok, the discussion board page works beautifully in Google Chrome (go figure) but not at all in IE9. Can anyone tell me whether it renders correctly (words of welcome and one discussion topic so far) in any other versions of IE, Firefox, Safari, etc?

Katie said...

How can I join the discussion boards? I didn't get an invitation, but I am a subscriber.

Laura said...


I've updated the discussion board link to include one called Join Group Page. That should take you to the original group page where there is a link on the right that says Join or Join Group or some such.

I just sent out 500 invitations. I still have about 200 more to send, but Google said to give it time to process. You may have one in your inbox.


Katie said...

I finally got the invitation. Thanks. And thanks for setting up the discussion boards.