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Friday, October 14, 2011

Instructional Designers

A Pass Educational Group is looking for several freelance instructional designers to work with us on a number of different projects. These projects include both course development and assessment writing. While our instructional designers need not have expertise in any specific software programs, they must have deep pedagogical knowledge. If you are interested in applying please send your resume to Andrew Pass at


Anonymous said...

I completed some work for Andrew Pass and was never paid. I would not recommend taking a job from him without your contract in hand. Has anyone else had this experience?

Andrew Pass said...

This is Andrew Pass and we pay all of our people. If the anonymous individual would please contact me at I would check into this situation immediately.

It's obviously hard to respond to an anonymous individual.

Kelli Bacon said...

I have had a completely different experience working for Andy Pass. I've done several projects for him this year, and I've always been paid for a completed project.

Lisa said...

I've also completed several projects for this company and always been paid.

Anonymous said...

I am uncertain of how Andrew Pass and his company can justify paying writers almost nothing for questions when most of us are well aware of the money spent on item development. No matter who the client is this is certainly an example of offering a rate that is akin to the articles that are written for a penny a word by some writers. I would be interested in seeing the quality of writing that is submitted for the pay rate that is being offered. I think it is disrespectful to those of us who write professionally for the education market. I realize this sounds harsh but it is what it is. Offering writers less than $2 a question is unbelievable.