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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Lovely Note

I received an email from a company that recently posted a lead on this blog. She said the resumes she received from the post were superb, and she's sharing the blog info with her colleagues (who also hire writers, I presume). I thought you guys might like to know what kind of great impression you were making. :D



laurasalas said...

Nice! Great service you guys provide here. I only visit sporadically, when I'm trying to actively drum up business, but I really appreciate the dedication y'all have had in keeping this blog going. I recommend it to friends and clients who are trying to break into writing for the educational market.

Nicky Parry said...

Yes! I'd like to second that comment - love this unique site for education-related leads, I've recently caught a great opportunity via the site. So thanks!

allena said...

yes, I love this site. In fact, if you'd like some more traffic, I'd love to have you write yourself an introduction to my new freelancers at I get about 110K hits per month... email me The site is