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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Math Curriculum and Content Writers Needed ASAP


This would be a temporary position lasting 4-6 weeks starting immediately with the potential for full time employment depending on performance. This may also result in additional work depending on the performance of the individual. Positions can be full time or part time.

We are looking for individuals who are skilled and experienced in developing math curriculum for either 6-8 or 9-12th grade material. Must be comfortable with lesson pacing, question/problem set creation, and be able to work with tight deadlines. We have content templates and a supervisor to manage you.

We recommend at least one IN-Person meeting--but most work will be conducted remotely on your own time.

Please send resume and cover letter asap to

LAURA'S NOTE: They are a Houston-based company.

Laura's Edit: "We definitely welcome writers in other cities, and would be willing to touch base with applicants over the phone."

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Anonymous said...

Has anyone worked with Wonder Space? I got a very unprofessional interview-type call from them. A woman who spoke a very broken English described the position to me. When I asked questions, someone else in the background answered the questions and the woman I was talking to repeated the answer to me. I asked if she was being trained and she said, "I don't have access to all the information." Bizarre. Then I checked out their website and it is not very professional (typos, info about a camp from 2009, error messages, missing photos). I was just wondering if anyone knows anything firsthand about this company.