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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Progress Testing is looking for qualified freelancers

Progress Testing is looking for qualified freelancers to write formative assessment items in certain areas of Social Studies over the next 90 days.

Topics to be covered:
  • 8th grade financial literacy including responsible uses of money, basic micro- and macroeconomic indicators, the united states financial system, and the use of various financial instruments such as credit cards, mortgages, stocks, bonds, and CDs, among others.
  • 8th grade US history from colonial times through the 19th century.
  • High school world history including Western, Islamic, Asian, and African civilizations from early history through modern times.
  • High school world geography, primarily from a political perspective but including physical changes to the land and environment and the adaptations of human civilizations to their environment.
  • 8th grade and high school research and analysis skills including research methodology and interpreting graphs, charts, and maps.
Expectations for content creators:
  • Create a variety of item types including multiple choice, short answer, essay response, map and table interpretation, and passages.
  • Work virtually within our online proprietary item creation tool.
  • Work with editors and feedback to revise items to conform to state educational standards and company guidelines.
  • Provide consistent content at a pace of approximately 50 items per week.
Contact Laura Bresko at

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