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Saturday, October 23, 2010

More Feedback from Readers Requested

Some new comments are popping up on a very old post:

Some readers are looking for more information on working for McHugh and Associates. If you have any information that would be helpful, please comment.


NOTE: Even if you don't have information on McHugh, the conversation in the comments is enlightening for those interested in correlating. I recommend you check it out. - Laura, Oct. 24


Deb said...

I worked for McHugh this summer doing correlations. I found the work frustrating. The pay is $15 an hour after you pass a test showing how well you can correlate. My project manager was terrific, but she found she couldn't make enough money doing correlations, so she went back to teaching. Since she left, no one from McHugh has contacted me to offer me more projects. But since I didn't like the work at all, I haven't urged them to assign me a new project manager.

Here's what you have to ask yourself: do you like taking two huge (say a dozen columns wide and 600 rows long) Excel files and copying and pasting data from one into the other? I have a large widescreen for my computer, yet I couldn't just do it all on-screen. I found the files WAY too big to put side by side on the screen and search them. So I had to print out the standards for the subject, grade level, and state I was working on (cost a lot in paper and ink). By having a paper copy, I could search it faster and knew right where to go to the specific spot in the standards file so I could copy and paste into the correlation file. My project manager said she started out like me but had learned how to live without printing out the standards. She did everything on screen, which is cheaper. But I don't care how long I did that job, I wouldn't ever have gotten to that point.

The employer does pay promptly. If you like working with Excel files and are OK with earning $15 an hour, then this may be a good job for you.

Anonymous said...

I got a request for a resume and had an immediate assignment after I submitted it--however, the pay was so low ($16 an hour), that I refused it.


Anonymous said...

I was offered a job with them but the pay was too low. I would not do this type of work for $16/hour.

Also, the contract asked a little too much information for my comfort, including all non-disclosure agreements you signed with any other company in the past.