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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wireless Generation opportunities

Hi a call from a Wireless Generation recruiter (he found my resume on Monster, of all just never know). Adam is his name: he has an immediate need for a curriculum developer (see below)...I would have done it had I not other things on my plate. In addition, he is looking to create a pool of curriculum developers/trainers for contract work down the line. If interested, use my name.

Best, Michele

Contract Curriculum Designer

In this role you will create training curriculum that will be delivered to teachers at schools that need improvement in large urban districts. Specifically, you will:

Evaluate existing materials and revise as appropriate.
· Create new materials from scratch based on self directed research

The successful candidate will have a background in education that includes classroom experience. They will possess strong writing skills and have experience designing training for teachers. We prefer this experience to have an emphasis on interactive training, specifically facilitating instruction discussion and structuring experiences for people.

Interested parties should contact me directly via email and include a resume. A work sample is preferred as well.

Adam C. Redlich
Director, Recruiting
Wireless Generation

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