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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Quick Check-Up on Writer Links

Mara made a comment on the writer links round 1 post about making the writer links more descriptive. Please take a minute to read and comment. For those of you who sent me links in Round 1, please take a look at the links on the right and let me know if you'd like your descriptor to be a little more... well, descriptive. Also, check the link and let me know if that one is okay. I will adjust as necessary.

I've emailed the publishers mentioned on this blog so far inviting them to visit. If you get a response or job from these leads, please share the good news with us.

And... I figured out how to put my email address on my profile (Ta da!). So you can email me directly now.

Happy writing,


Anonymous said...

Checking back. My link doesn't work from your blog -- the last slash needs to be deleted.

Also could you change my descriptor to 'science writer'?

Thanks so much. And believe me, if I get a gig through your site, I will definitely let you know about it.


Laura Coulter said...


I will take care of it right away. Thanks for checking.

I saw your name in the Writer's Digest article "Transcript Basics" by Natalie Lorenzi. It was a nice surprise.


Anonymous said...

Oh, boy, you're fast! I just started a subscription to WD and am looking forward to reading the entire issue cover to cover.
Thanks, Vijaya