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Monday, January 14, 2008

Introducing the Writers - Round 1

Thanks to all of you for sending me links to your pages. No, you weren't too late for the party. I'm a little late in posting. There are still plenty of cookies to around. Grab some punch, too, and check out some of the pages of other education writers. It's good to have resources.

Stephanie at
Dorit at and
Laura at and
Mara at
Mindy at
Vijaya at
Cassandra at
Evelyn at
Diane at
Angela at

I will make these a permanent part of this blog in the Education Writers list of links.

If you sent me a request to be on this list, but don't see yours here, I had trouble with one link and another had the request, but no address. Please resend the info and I'll post again next week.

I am lining up a couple of interviews for this blog aimed at how to break into writing for the education market. For now I need to say the the Yahoo group NFforkids is a fantastic resource.



mara said...

Thanks, Laura!

I'd like to urge anyone who posts a URL to give the direct address of the page on your site that has clear, complete information about your educational writing background (rather than the homepage).

I often hear about jobs and would be happy to pass info along if I could QUICKLY click in and out of each person's page to find out who has relevant experience. But if I have to dig all over the place, it won't happen. I'm sure if any editors from educational publishers start coming here, they'll feel the same way!

The page I've posted is my resume. I find it really useful to keep it online, because that way anyone who has the URL always has access to the updated version, rather than having various outdated versions floating around. (Of course, I don't post my address and phone number online. Editors almost always email me, anyway.)

I don't link to the resume from my homepage, so this is an experiment in posting it publicly. We'll see how it goes! :-)

Laura Coulter said...


That is excellent advice. As I was posting the list of writers, I wondered whether I should link to the pages directly related to writing.

I'd like to hear comments from a couple of others on this. I'll be glad to change the links if it will be helpful to both writers and editors.


mara said...

Oh, and it might also be helpful to include the whole tag in the list ("Evelyn B. Christensen - Author and Puzzle Creator"; "Diane Bailey, Editor"; "Mara Rockliff, Children's Author - Educational Writer"). It gives a little something to go on.

Thanks again for creating this resource!

Okay, back to work . . .