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Monday, February 9, 2015

Math and Science Freelance Writers and Editors

Six Red Marbles is seeking qualified and experienced freelance writers and editors for K-12 Math and Science. Knowledge and skill requirements are outlined below.

Experience/Qualifications: Required
  • Educational publishing experience required, at least 3 recent years
  • writers minimum 3 years
  • editors minimum 5 years
  • content leads 7 years
  • supervising editors  7 years
  • Written and/or edited mathematics instructional material for publishing purposes, using latest approaches in mathematics teaching
  • Expertise in Common Core Math Standards for appropriate grade levels, along with the Mathematical Practice Standards
  • Assessments - experience with adaptive learning and concept mapping, HiSET, GED, SAT, ACT, PAARC, SMARTER BALANCE
  • Experience with district-level standards and DOK
  • Success in writing Interactive storyboards, including various template formats
  • Microsoft Word and MathType
  • Drawing programs or other programs used to produce fairly accurate technical art as references for actual art producers
  • Familiarity with InCopy is a plus.
Experience/Qualifications Required
  • Educational publishing experience required 7-8 recent years
  • writers minimum 7 years
  • editors minimum 6 years
  • content leads 7 years
    • supervising editors: 8-10 years
    • Subject-matter expertise
    • Familiarity with latest approaches in science teaching
    • Curriculum development experience
  • Solid knowledge of writing and grammar
Science Category experience required
  • High School physical sciences: chemistry & physics 8-10 years
  • Middle School: chemistry & physics 8-10 years
  • Middle School - Earth Science 8-10 years
  • Elementary (K-6) Science: generalist 8-10 years
Nice to Have
  • High School Chemistry and Physics experience with ability to extend into Middle School as needed
Samples Required
  • sample of something that effectively instructs on a complex scientific topic
  • sample of writing for interactive media (storyboards, etc.)
  • sample of writing inquiry-based lab activities.
  • Microsoft Word and Excel. Familiarity with InCopy and/or MathType a plus.

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