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Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Looks interesting. Michele

Work Type: Copyeditor with education experience


My organization's editor just retired, and, while we are looking to hire a new editor/head of publishing, I have a report coming out that requires an editor sooner than that. The start date on the project would be approximately July 1st, and we would like to complete the editing process by the end of July. Compensation would be negotiated based on experience and time commitment. We are an education policy/membership organization. The publication is on student data privacy. It will be approximately 60-80 pages including endnotes. We would like an editor with extensive experience editing these types of reports (similar to those put out by CAP or another think tank-type organization). Experience editing educational reports is a plus. We would actually prefer that the editor have no experience in data privacy or law since this publication is an introductory resource. The editing required is an initial heavy copyedit with drafts sent back and forth between our team and the editor (we will be checking and verifying sources and footnotes in-house, so that will not be part of the job), and then final proofreading. Please contact me with any questions at, and feel free to share this posting widely.
Location: Could be remote - Crystal City, VA
Rate: $ 30-50 per hour (no more than 2K total)
Contact Name: Amelia Vance
Contact Company: NASBE
Contact Website:
Contact Method: -by email

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