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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Experienced item writers needed: college-level biology (telecommute)

Description: We are an established publisher of college-level science textbooks and supplements. We’re currently developing items to accompany an intro biology book for biology majors. Content includes cells, genetics, evolution, diversity, plant form and function, animal form and function, and ecology.

Writers will have access to the forthcoming edition of our textbook, as well as an item bank created for the previous edition, and will be asked to supplement existing items with new ones to parallel the revised text. In addition, accuracy and relevance of existing items will need to be checked against the new edition of the textbook.

Required experience: Bachelor’s degree, preferably in biology. Master’s or Ph.D. preferred. Three or more years’ experience writing and/or editing college-level science items. College-level teaching experience ideal but not essential for seasoned item writers.

Please respond with a current résumé. Provide original item-writing samples in appropriate subject matter, at a variety of Bloom's levels, and include areas of content specialty.

Timeline: Starting in mid-August (2013) and likely to continue through November
Location: Remote

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