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Friday, December 30, 2011

News - Ways to Support This Blog

Wake Up
You wake up, grab a cup of coffee and head to the computer to check today's email.

You smile when you see there's one from Writing for the Education Market. It's one of your favorite resources for finding leads specifically for your niche. You've been a subscriber for a long time, maybe even since it's birth, January 6, 2008.

Laura, Beth, Karen, Michele. These are names you've grown to trust - friends who graciously tell you about leads, growing this community. How can you ever thank them?

They've even added a forum for education market writers to discuss leads, debate methods, sleuth suspicious activity and support each other.

At a suggestion from a company that hires a number of this blog's subscribers, Laura has finally added a Donation button. Finally, there's another way to show how important the Writing for the Education Market blog is to you.

There are many ways to show appreciation for this blog.

  • You can post thank-you comments. 
  • You can spread the word to grow the readership. 
  • You can click on the advertisers on the blog page or the email feed (Hey, the blog makes money off of that?! I never knew.)
  • And now you can donate directly by clicking the Donate button at the top of the right column. It's a new and permanent feature, so it will be there if you ever need it in the future. 
This blog was created to fill a need, not make a buck. Laura felt alone in her niche and wanted to reach out to other writers in the education market. She understood the value of reaching out to help others. And so Writing for the Education Market was born. We will continue to provide leads even if you don't donate, but we certainly love a kind word. 

Thank you for 3 years together. We look forward to several more.
The Writing for the Education Market Team


Vijaya said...

Thank You all so much. I have gotten good leads from this blog, and appreciate the work.

Happy New Year!

Kimberly Hutmacher said...

Thanks for all you do. I only found your blog a few months ago, and I've already gotten one assignment offer from a lead you posted. I really appreciate all that you do.

Happy New Year!

Tina Cho said...

I, too, have found some leads from this blog. Thanks Laura, Karen, Beth, and Michele for taking your time to dig through job ads! Happy New Year and success in your writing!

Patricia said...

A big thank you to all the team from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I am a K-12 Eng-Spa translator and I read the blog at least twice a week to know about potential projects.
All in best in 2012!

Liz said...

This blog is a wonderful resource for me. I've found several gigs through here, and check in regularly. Thank you so much!