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Friday, December 17, 2010

Education Related Leads for Friday Dec. 17, 2010

Here are some leads for today:

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Would you mind checking the link to "Writer for Highlights for Children." Thank you! I appreciate all of the work you guys do on this website.

Beth Levin said...

Sorry, Here is the correct link for the posting from Highlights for Children:

WallsWorld said...

I have heard a lot of things about craigslist. When responding to an ad I notice that's where it comes from. How legitimate is it?

Beth Levin said...

Craigslist does post warnings that they can't guarantee the legitimacy of all posts. However, I have had success applying to some Craigslist posts that did result in paid writing work. So I think many posts there are legitimate, especially if you can go from the post to the company's website to confirm details. Good luck!