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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Education-Related Leads for Wed, Jul 16, 2008



Julie Moore said...

I have been looking for work in this field for about 3 years and actually have landed a few great jobs. However, I just found this web site about a week ago, and it is the best I have ever seen for educational publishing. And I scour lots of web sites. Thanks.

History Teacher said...

Great leads today!

Anonymous said...

I followed one of your leads and got a job with EBSCO publishing in Ipswitch, MA. The job was horrible. They paid me 1.5 cents a word--which figured out to be $900 for 2 weeks of work. I only finished the job because I said I would do it and I had nothing going on at the time. They wanted to pay me 1 cent a word, and I balked and they upped my salary to 1.5 cents a word. (Usually I get between $1-$5 a word!) Anyway, I figured they were a small company. Then, a week after I did the job, I saw them advertise at Fenway Park, on the movable signs behind the batter. I vowed never to write for them again. People who don't pay fairly don't deserve good writers.

Anonymous said...

PS Julie, I still love your blog and I'm hoping one day to score a job I love and that pays well!

Thanks--still I had to report on EBSCO because we writers need to know what is going on in the business.

Laura said...

Thanks for the information on EBSCO. It is good to keep each other informed.

@history teacher
I thought you'd like those!