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Thursday, November 7, 2013

High School Social Studies Writers Needed

Received via email. Passing it on. :)

Hi Folks,
A few weeks ago I sent out a mass email discussing a high school social studies project. The project is now in full swing and I'm now looking to hire between 2-4 freelance social studies writers to construct online lesson plans.
Duration: Now through April 2014.
Pay: $800-$1000 per chapter.
Quantity: 57 chapters total.
Details: Pickup and revise lesson plan components from old online product and print editions into new digital template. Revise/rewrite OLP elements to align with Texas standards. Write new differentiated instruction for in-class activities. Write and correlate chapter wrap-up assessments questions. Conceptualize and spec new interactive assets.
Revision rounds: 1-2 
Qualifications: Degree in history along with classroom experience preferred. Lesson plan and assessment writing experience preferred. Must have some knowledge of TEKS and ELPS. 
If you're interested please let me know. If you know someone who may be interested please don't hesitate to forward this email.

Editor's note: Contact information removed by poster request 3/23/2018

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