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Saturday, September 7, 2013

A bit off topic: Call for conference proposals

Could be not only a great learning opportunity, but networking opp as well.

One Nation Indivisible invites those who share our commitment to educational equity and quality, integrated education to submit a workshop proposal for our upcoming conference, "Where Integration Meets Innovation: Creating, Sustaining and Improving Dynamic & Diverse Public Schools for the 21st Century."

This conference, which will take place in Hartford, CT on November 8-9, 2013, will bring together about 200 parents, educators and activists (primarily from NY, CT and MA) who aspire to build innovative, diverse public schools that prepare children for learning, work and life in the 21st century. Hartford is home to a nationally-heralded system of magnet schools that draw racially, economically and culturally diverse student bodies from dozens of cities and towns throughout the region. The region's Open Choice program also enables students from Hartford to attend suburban schools.

We’re seeking sessions that:
* Are practical and interactive
* Engage youth, families, community leaders and educators as well as researchers, policymakers and advocates
* Promote youth participation and/or leadership
* Incorporate the arts
* Highlight practices and policies that advance equity, build 21st century skills and harness the potential of diversity within racially, culturally and economically integrated schools (and classrooms)
* Respond constructively to specific challenges faced by integration supporters/practitioners

Proposals are due September 30th and can be submitted by email to   or faxed to 617-496-1406 .

Download the proposal form and find out more info at:

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