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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Brief to Write Numeracy Resources for Parents of Deaf Children

The existing NDCS publication ‘Helping your deaf child to learn’ is a popular resource for parents of pre-school and primary aged children, covering literacy and maths at a general level.   Based on feedback NDCS is planning to create new resources for parents of deaf children, to provide them with specific information and support around helping their deaf children to develop numeracy skills. The booklets will build on the general information available in Helping your deaf child to learn.  The booklets will cover information for different age ranges:

·         Early years, age 3-4
·         Key stage 1, age 5-7
·         Key stage 2, age 8-11

To provide age appropriate information and practical advice to parents on how to help their deaf child develop numeracy skills

This sits within NDCS’ wider strategic objectives of empowering parents and closing the attainment gap between deaf children and other children.

Primarily parents/carers of deaf children, and the extended family.
Secondary audience is professionals such as Teaching Assistants.

Key topics
We think the resources will need to include:
·         Practical information (for example games and activities parents can do with their deaf child to help with their learning)
·         Information on the challenges their deaf child might be facing in their learning and why
·         Information on how and what deaf children are being taught at school
·         Advice from other parents
We think the following messages should be incorporated into the booklet:
·         Parents play a key role in their child’s education
·         Parents need to be aware of the difficulties their deaf children may experience in developing language and literacy and numeracy skills
·         There are very practical things parents can do to help their child develop these skills

Next steps
Please contact Sarah Handley,, 020 7549 0463, for more information and how to apply.

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