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Monday, August 6, 2012

Instructional designer?

HI all...I want to submit a proposal to an organization -- one element of it is the development of an online, interactive course...while there is a template (and I might be able to do the work), I want to partner with someone who has done this in the past. Again, it's just a proposal. Am happy to share more details...proposal is due Aug. 17th so we need to discuss soon. Thx. Michele


Amit Shah said...

My company does this professionally, if you want to discuss.

Amit Shah
Editorial Director
Jouve North America
and Green Comma

Kendra Redman said...

Hi Michelle,

I am a former teacher who went on to an 8 year career as an instructional designer and trainer, so I am confident I can be of help with this project.

Please feel free to send me more details at


Kendra Redman

t777a said...

Hi Michelle,

Please contact me at t777a@aol.ocm to discuss any
projects. I am always looking to partner up with qualified individuals.