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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

They are rolling in

This looks interesting. Michele
Work Type: K-12 Math Item/Lesson Writers

We are looking for math writers and subject matter experts to create and/or review internet-based lesson content, activities, and practice multiple choice questions. We welcome junior, senior, and graduate students as well as professors in relevant fields.

Writers and reviewers must be able to:
- Write clearly to the appropriate grade level
- Understand the subject matter at an expert level
- Use Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
- Adhere to deadlines

Location: Remote
Rate: $ 800-1000 per lesson

Contact Name: Kim MacQueen
Contact Company: Infinity Software Development, Inc.
Contact Website:
Contact Method: -by email


debbie said...

I am very interested in a position like this one. I have not had much luck finding postings. Could u make some suggestions where I might look?

Michele said...

I think you have to poke around, as with most things...publishing companies, these smaller development houses, education sites/newsletters,'s a mixed bag. Michele

Chukwuemeka said...

I need a job like this. I am very good in preparing notes, writing on different Math topics and doing assignment for students. My email is Thank you. I am from Nigeria.