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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Editor Wanted: Educational Case Study

I recently received an email from a writer looking for an editor. The details of what he is working on and looking for are below. If this is something you believe you can help with, please send him an email.


The case study I wrote explores a modern approach to education: the benefits of using film, technology, and other creative, non-conventional pedagogical methods in the classroom to enhance students’ understanding of literature. I selected a research group of at-risk, tenth grade New York City high school students who initially could not comprehend our Holocaust curriculum. However, after analyzing different films and working on various creative assignments, they felt more prepared, motivated, and determined to understand the literature and subject matter.

As a result, the students’ grades improved, and they were able to stay connected with the readings. My work also references similar professional case studies, authors, and educational theorists.

I've submitted my case study to many publications, such as NCTE, English Journal, etc. and received feedback stating that it lacked a clear study of methodology and analysis of data. I would like to rework my study with these elements, as well as anything else that would give my work a better chance of being publishing, as it is a very important topic.
A full version of my work is available in Microsoft Word (which follows comprehensive APA style requirements with a word count of 7,987, 44 pages double-spaced).


Michael Lipiner

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