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Thursday, March 31, 2011

K-12 Item Writers Needed (Math, Reading, and Science)

This just in by email:
Good luck,

I am in need of education writers experienced in item writing and passage selection for a major state assessment project that I just received. I need writers skilled in writing items for the following:
  • Math: Grades 2-10
  • Reading: Grades 2-10
  • Science: Grades 5-10, including Biology and Chemistry
Writers need to be experienced in writing constructed-response items and performance tasks as well as selecting and writing passages (Reading only).
Interested applicants should forward a resume and a brief item writing sample to (Email address removed at request of advertiser. Plenty of great resumes already in!)


Anonymous said...

I'm an elementary teacher who worked as a book editor and writer for many years before becoming an educator. I've written or co-written/ghostwritten dozens of books, and I recently completed my fifth book for Capstone. I've also done one item writing job for a non K-12 project. I'm eager to do more and I believe that I can do the job required, but clearly I don't have the experience this ad calls for. Is it worth applying anyway? Thanks for any advice you can offer!

Colleen said...

I just found this website. A big thank you for all the work you do putting this together. I'm a teacher in Wisconsin, looking to see if it would be worth it to me to find a way into curriculum writing. I have experience and course work done in writing, but nothing published. Can you point me in the right direction of where and how to start? So much junk and scams on the internet! I would love to find a forum where curriculum writers gather so I can learn from others' questions. Thanks for any help anyone can give me. :)