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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Questions about EPublic - Reader Response Needed

A request for information came in via email. I've posted it below. Does anyone have any information for Deb?


I've had an offer of work writing educational materials for a company in South Korea! Apparently they saw a book I wrote for a US company and liked it. I have never worked for an overseas company before. Can you query the members of the blog and see if they have? I specifically want to know if I have to pay South Korean taxes as well as U.S. state and federal taxes. If so, then obviously I need to earn a lot of money in order to cover all those taxes!!

The name of the company is EPublic, which is the exclusive ELT books distributor for Oxford University Press. I'd like to know if anyone has worked for them, too, and what their impression was of the company.

Thanks so much for your help!


Jamie said...

I can't speak to South Korea specifically (maybe someone else can), but different countries have different laws about their own taxes. I've worked for companies in China and Hong Kong, and there were no taxes taken out on their end. However, I worked for a company in Taiwan, and there were.

Regarding U.S. taxes, the company most likely won't issue you a 1099 or an equivalent. Therefore, it's "on your honor" to report the income to the IRS on your return.

Patricia said...

I have never worked for a South Korea company either but I do work for companies overseas. As I understand it, you only have to pay taxes in the US.
Best of luck,

Chris Casey said...

I worked for a company in India and only paid U.S. taxes. The biggest issue is phone calls at odd times.

Amy Houts said...

Hi Deb,
I've written 11 books for a Korean children's publisher over a three year period and it has been a great experience! I was advised to have a separate bank account for all EFT and never had a problem--was always paid according to the contract. If they need writers, please let us know!
~ Amy

deb housel said...


I am still in negotiations with the South Korean company. Can you tell me how you handled the taxes on the money you earned?