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Monday, June 9, 2008

Education-Related Leads for Mon., Jun. 9, 2008

Good luck!


Bev. Cooke said...

Hi Laura: I am finding this useful. I have applied for a number of jobs through the blog and the email - haven't yet landed one, but I'm persevering. My biggest handicap is that so many of the postings specify teaching experience (gee, I wonder why, on a "Writing for the education market" blog?(g) and that's where I'm short. But it's a good blog and I do salute you for both your hard work and you generosity in sharing the leads.

Pieces of Me said...

Tread with extreme extreme caution for the English content material developer at Colbell company.(craigslist) I have been professionally insulted by this company that it has serious implication for the image of education writers. There is a serious problem with management of this company. They ask you to write samples without providing guidelines at first and for $500, you are requested to write no less than 2500 words of dialogue weekly. When they do finally provide you with guidelines after they have received your samples, they ask you to write 2 more samples. They also want you to videotape your scripts for an hour. (too much!)

They sent me an email confirming that I was on the team, then withdrew when they suddenly questioned my ability to videotaped videos. I found this in professionally bad taste.

They are not straightforward in their communication at all.