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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Weigh in: Are Freelance Bidding Sites Worth a Look?

Happy Saturday, everyone.

I subscribe to a few job boards and receive regular emails with leads for this blog. One in particular lists jobs found on sites such as, where writers submit a bid for a described job. I've read threads where some have found success using those types of sites, but I'm not sure those 2 or 3 success stories I've heard of are enough to sway me. How many others have tried and achieved nothing? So I have two questions for you:
  1. Have you ever used (or do you currently use) bidding sites to find work? If so, how did you fare?
  2. Should I post leads from bidding sites on this blog?

Enjoy your weekend!



Louise said...

Hi Laura,
I did some work for a bidding site called Elance, but it was for a specific publisher who was working with Elance. The project ended and I never did anything again. I think you have to pay to belong to Elance.I'm sure some of your readers have heard of this company. I don't think that paying to belong is worth it. But as far as bidding for the work, it did turn out okay.
Thanks again for all of your leads.

Bryce said...

I belong to iFreelance and to eLance--but each for different work categories. You pay monthly to join both; iFreelance doesn't charge any more than that but has a lot fewer projects than eLance does. eLance also charges a percentage of each job, but you factor that into your bid for a given job.

You probably don't need to put any jobs from those things on here-now that people know they exist. There are a couple of others like, and so on.


Anonymous said...

I vote no. I don't want to deal with anyone who is hiring in that way.
Or if you do, perhaps separate bid-for leads from straight-forward hires? (Not that there are so many to ed writing posts to begin with...)

Laura said...

Thanks for the feedback. I've gotten some email responses from subscribers as well, all agreeing that I shouldn't post those types of leads on this blog. That actually makes my job easier.

Thanks again,