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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Editing gig

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Work Type: Series Editor with PhD Description:
 Words and Numbers is looking for Series Editors for a summer long  college book series project in the following disciplines: Criminal  Justice, Sociology, Western Civ, World History, US History, American  Lit, British Lit, and Political Science.

Job Description:

The  Series Editor (SE) is responsible for the overall vision of the series,  including the contents of individual titles within the series. The SE  is the deciding and guiding voice throughout the content development  process. The SE works closely with writers and the management team to  ensure that the series offers a unifying thematic vision for the  content, sets appropriate learning objectives for students, and meets  expectations in terms of topical scope, coverage, and accuracy.  Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

 Review  provided materials to create the list of titles within the series, and  finalize the table of contents for each title (see  "Series Information"  for breakdown)
 Determine which existing monographs (essays) should  be permissioned for use in series with updates; make recommendations for  topical and scope revisions required to such works [Estimate: 30-60  percent updates to existing materials]
 Determine, broadly, the  content and scope of new monographs, for new material to be produced by  self or others [Estimate: up to 30 percent of title should be new  monographs]
 Outline vision, learning objectives, and scope of  introductory essay per title, to ensure that introduction offers  scholarly introduction to topic and introduces themes, points of view,  and cutting-edge scholarship relevant to topic; SE may author this  monograph if desired
 Recommend topical experts for writing roles  within the series; approve writers introduced by W&N if  appropriate, perform outreach to candidates
 Create and/or review  outlines, samples, and drafts of essays from writers to ensure alignment  with learning objectives; appropriate coverage, depth, and accuracy
 Suggest revisions and/or make revisions to drafts as appropriate
 Answer questions and provide direction as needed
 Advise the management team in a timely manner if writers are not meeting expectations
 IF responsible for writing new monographs for title, complete writing tasks
 Assist in development of discipline-specific guidelines regarding types  of sources referenced in "Further Research" section (scholarly  monographs, authoritative websites, open access content, journal  articles, etc.)
 Attend team meetings and occasionally perform ad-hoc assignments


 PhD in field
 Extensive teaching experience at the introductory level in the specific course area
 Experience creating content for a college-level audience
 Deep research and/or scholarly publishing experience within discipline
 Familiarity with emerging research and/or controversies within the discipline/course
Workload (Initial Projections)
 Develop vision, title breakdown, learning objectives, and TOCs. Review  existing monographs provided by management team. Suggest, approve, and  outreach to candidate writers as needed.
 Review and edit and revised submitted monographs; produce new materials.
 Write or review overview essays based on final makeup of each title.  Sign off on final manuscripts.

Series Information:

 Each series includes ten individual titles
 Each individual title includes 10 monographs (essays), broken down as follows*:
o Introduction (1 new monograph; outlined by SE; may be written by SE or other)
o Review/revisions to 6 existing monographs (revisions completed or managed by SE)
o Production of 3 new monographs (written by SE OR reviewed/coordinated by SE)

*Note:  This breakdown may vary, depending on availability and currency of  existing materials. All titles will include new introductory monograph  but breakdown of revisions/new will be dependent upon content  availability and permissions.  

Location: Remote Rate: $ 7000 per series

Contact Name: Krystian Dawes

Contact Company: Words and Numbers Contact Website:   Contact Method: -by email Email:


Elson Cade said...
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Laura said...


Hope this isn’t too late to respond. I would love some attention given to the pay that freelancers get. I’ve been an educational freelancer since 1987, and the rates are lower today than they were 10, 15, even 20 years ago. On top of that, freelancers are expected to wait 60 days or more for pay, whereas 30 days used to be the maximum. Perhaps the problem is the proliferation of development houses, which take so much off the top that there’s not much left for the freelancers who actually produce the work. All the associates I communicate with on this topic agree; in fact, many have left the profession to begin other careers because it is to difficult to support yourself on freelance income anymore.

Today, for example, you posted a position for a senior editor with a PhD to earn $7000 for a summerlong project. Extrapolated, that’s $28,000/year—absolutely ridiculously low. (From what I hear, Words and Numbers is one of the lower-paying developers. I’ve avoided working for them because of that.)

Any discussion or suggestions on this topic would be greatly appreciated by all, I think.

-emailed in by a subscriber