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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Editorial opportunity

Academic grant writer (biological sciences) :
 Looking for an academic editor who is comfortable working with material in biological/chemical sciences.

Subject area knowledge is unimportant as long as you are

- familiar with publishing in academic journals
- can demonstrate that you have have written and edited journal articles
- have submitted successful grant proposals to granting agencies such as NSERC/CIHR
- have edited tenure portfolios, CV, web content for academic faculty

A successful applicant must be able to

- work with table of contents functions in MS word
- be able to handle files produced using Endnote or other bibliographic software
- a good eye for document organization and attention to detail
- have a short and reliable turnaround time on manuscripts

If  you are working from home with young children or have an existing  position that is more than 30 hours a week, there is unlikely to be a  good fit! This work is very flexible, but requires long periods of  concentration to deadline. I will always query ahead to give you time to  plan your schedule, but I have had poor previous experience with  editors who are not working at editing as a full-time profession. If  your time is divided between many competing activities, it is unlikely  you will be able to keep the focus needed for this type of editorial  work.

It would be an asset if you have experience writing for the  web, as well as a good eye for document organization, layout and  design.

Benefits of this position:

- working with a very experienced editor (e.g. journals such as Nature) who has high standards and pays promptly
- exposure to a wide variety of challenging tasks that will provide valuable experience in grant-writing, journal editing
- an opportunity for longer-term (ongoing) work on a flexible schedule. Location: Remote Rate: $ 30-45 per hour based on experience  

Contact Name: A. Nissel-Joyce  

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